Welcome to Delia's CMS (content management system).  The design you see here is the basic top menu but it also comes with a side menu instead.  You can decide which elements you want or don't want  such as the search and newsletter subscribe.

The site formatting and color scheme is all done by css so changing the look of the site can be done by only editing the css file if you are so inclined.

All you have to do to get started is upload your logo (named logo.gif).

Then choose a specific color scheme with only one config setting in admin. All are on a white background - the best for readability. The ones available are, in order, red, black, blue,  dark green gray, purple, navy, butterscotch, hot pink, maroon, teal and dark orange.


Warning: At times this website may not display properly. Please understand that this is a temporary condition and does not mean the code doesn't work.  This site is sometimes used for development of the next release or additional modules.